The Low-Cost Windows Blue Could Spawn 7-Inch Microsoft Tablets

Microsoft’s upcoming OS may also be installed on smaller tablets

Rumors swirling around on the web claim that Microsoft is working on a new Windows version called Windows Blue that could be offered at a very low price or even for free.

A new report published by The Verge, however, hints that Windows Blue may also be installed on some smaller tablets with 7- or 8-inch displays, which means that Microsoft may really consider expanding the Surface product family with new devices.

Although Microsoft hasn’t confirmed that it’s willing to release smaller Surface tablets, sources familiar with the matter have previously hinted that a 7-inch Xbox Surface tablet designed with gaming purposes in mind could hit the market in 2013.

What’s more, that company may also launch three different Surface devices, each aimed at a different industry sector, but also supposed to help Microsoft become an important player in the hardware market.

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