The Number of Windows 8 Apps Has Quadrupled Since Launch – Microsoft

Microsoft says the Windows Store is growing up at a very fast pace

Even though many important apps are still missing from the Windows Store, Microsoft claims that its new Windows 8 feature is growing up at a very fast pace, mostly thanks to developers who discover the benefits of creating software for this new platform.

Now Microsoft says that the number of apps available in the Windows Store has quadrupled since launch, once again without providing any actual figures on this. In addition, the company announces that it passed the 100 million app download mark just two months after general availability.

While that may be indeed impressive, unofficial sources reveal that the Windows Store isn’t quite skyrocketing when it comes to the number of available apps.

There are approximately 37,200 items listed in the Store right now, according to MetroStore Scanner, even though Microsoft expects to see 100,000 entries by February 2013.

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