The Official Nook App for Windows 8 Released for Download

Barnes and Noble unveil its Nook app for Windows 8 platform

Nook fans, rejoice! The official Nook app developed by Barnes and Noble has just landed on the Windows 8 platform and can be downloaded right now from the Store.

Just as expected, the app comes with plenty of goodies for all Nook owners and it plays two different roles.

First of all, it’s an eReader that allows you to read books and magazines right on your Windows 8 device, be it a laptop or a tablet.

Second of all, it’s an online store that gives you the power to download and buy books, magazines and newspapers with a single click.

Synchronization tools are also available in case you wish to sync the last read page on your Nook with the content available on the Surface, for instance. This way, you can continue reading your book on another device from the same point you previously left off on your Nook.

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