The Start Screen Pushes Windows 8 “Light Years Ahead of iOS and Android”

That’s what Mark Beare, the man behind Start Menu Reviver, says about the Start screen

The Start screen is here to stay, that’s for sure, especially because Microsoft wants its modern operating system to keep focusing on the touch-optimized interface.

While Redmond claims that its new Start screen is great for both tablets and desktop computers, Mark Beare, founder of ReviverSoft and the man behind Start Menu Reviver, believes that the Start screen is only a good choice for touch-capable devices.

And still, when used on touchscreen units, the Start screen makes Windows 8 much more helpful than what you find on iOS and Android tablets, he said.

“I think the Start Screen is really great for touch screen devices. Looking at and using the Start Screen on a touch device feels light years ahead of using an iOS or Android tablet. It is creatively designed, uses little resources and allows for real time notifications from all the apps and tiles. On a mouse and keyboard however it is not great to use,” Beare told us.

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