The US DoD Has Chosen Windows 8 Because It’s Very Secure

Microsoft reveals some new information on the agreement with the US DoD

We’ve already told you that Microsoft has signed a new agreement with the United States Department of Defense to provide several software solutions to nearly 75 percent of the personnel, but here are some new interesting details regarding the deal.

Microsoft has mentioned in a press release that the department will “use Windows 8 to empower productivity from any location, and any supported device, while taking advantage of enhanced security.”

In addition, “access to Office 2013 will equip each organization with the latest versions of productivity tools that personnel rely on every day, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.”

Without trying to be ironic at all, we’ve seen many, many users claiming that the DoD should have chosen Linux, as it’s a lot more secure platform. It remains to be seen, however, if Windows 8 boasts as much enhanced security as Microsoft claims.

The problem is that hackers have already found some ways to break into Windows 8 and activate the operating system at no cost and Microsoft has even admitted that cybercriminals are developing new and more advanced ways to exploit vulnerabilities.

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