The Windows 8 Confusion Pushed Millions of Users to Apple, Analyst Claims

Microsoft’s unsuccessful Windows 8 strategy brought new users to Apple

Microsoft is believed to have lost quite a lot of users due to the changes it brought to Windows 8, as many former Windows customers decided to move to other more user-friendly and affordable platforms.

Citing an unnamed OEM source, ZDNet writes that the confusion created by Windows 8 actually pushed millions of users to Apple, the fruit-named company that’s already a long-time Microsoft rival.

The Redmond-based software vendor, on the other hand, seems to be well aware of this fact and it’s reportedly planning to bring back the Start button in Windows 8.

Rumor has it that Microsoft is also pondering the debut of a new option that would basically enable Windows 8.1 users to skip Metro and boot directly to desktop, as the Start Screen has been described as one of the most controversial features in Microsoft’s modern operating system.

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