There’s No Difference Between Windows Vista and Windows 8 – Samsung

Samsung executive blasts Microsoft’s new Windows 8

After Samsung revealed earlier this week that it plans to stop selling Windows RT tablets in some European countries, a company executive now comes in front of the media to blast the full version of Windows 8.

Jun Dong-soo, president of Samsung’s memory chip division, said during a meeting with reporters in Seoul that Windows 8 and Windows Vista are basically the same, hinting that Microsoft’s new operating system is very likely to become a major disappointment.

“The global PC industry is steadily shrinking despite the launch of Windows 8. I think the Windows 8 system is no better than the previous Windows Vista platform,” he was quoted as saying by Korea Times.

Microsoft doesn’t usually comment on this kind of statements, so the company will most likely remain tight-lipped once again. But with so many people criticizing Windows 8 on a daily basis, Microsoft should really provide some updated stats on the sales performance of its new OS as soon as possible.

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