These Two Videos Could Make You Love Windows 8’s Start Screen

The Start Screen is deemed confusing, but it’s pretty helpful if you know how to use it

Windows 8’s Start Screen has been described as a confusing UI improvement pretty often, but Microsoft doesn’t seem to even consider bringing back the Start Menu.

Truth is, the Start Screen is actually a pretty helpful feature and these two clips revealed by ZDNet are nothing more than the living proof.

They’re actually showcasing the Windows 8 Physician Rounds app and the Nurse Rounds app in action, both of them aimed at the health system and supposed to help doctors when it comes to dealing with patients’ data.

Both apps are making the most of the Windows 8 Start Screen, by showing relevant information right in the live tiles, thus providing essential details without actually requiring users to launch the Modern apps.

In the end, it could be just a matter of time until everybody gets used to the new Start Screen, but with Windows Blue coming next year, Microsoft may also roll out some GUI changes.

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