Thief Breaks into Microsoft Building, Steals Nothing but iPads

No Microsoft goodies have been taken away, a report claims

Apple has managed to score yet another win in the battle against its Redmond-based rival Microsoft. An odd one, that is.

According to a report published by the Daily Post, a thief has managed to break into a Microsoft building in its campus and even though the facility was full of gadgets belonging to the software giant, he stole nothing but… uhm… iPads.

Details are pretty scarce for the time being, but it appears that it all happened sometime between December 19 and December 26, with a total of five iPads taken away by the thief.

The report shows that the burglar got his hands on iPads worth more than $3,000 (€2,200), but no Microsoft products have been stolen, even though the campus is clearly full of very expensive equipment.

While we can’t guarantee that this story is true, the Daily Post claims that Sgt. Sean Thompson, the public information officer of the Mountain View’s Police Department, has already confirmed the incident, adding that investigators will use surveillance cameras to look for suspects.

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