Third-Party Anti-Virus Software Can’t Help Protect Windows XP, Says Microsoft

Support for Windows XP ends on April 2014, the company warned

Windows XP will soon become an insecure operating system, as Microsoft plans to discontinue it in early 2014, so Redmond keeps struggling to show users that sticking to this particular OS is not the right thing to do.

The company has now released an infographic to showcase the evolution of security threats, emphasizing that third-party anti-virus software won’t be enough to protect an unpatched Windows XP computer.

“Today, the target is everyone, especially small companies,” Microsoft says in the infographic.

“It takes less than one day for 89 percent of businesses to detect security breaches, several weeks for 6 percent and more than one month for the remaining 6 percent.”

Microsoft then goes on to say that Windows XP is 21 times more likely to be infected by malware than Windows 8, suggesting that its modern operating system is the right choice for everyone willing to jump ship.

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