This Is One of the Most Awkward Surface Bugs You’ll Ever See – Video

There’s no workaround for the issue right now as Microsoft is working on it

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet is affected by plenty of bugs right now, but this is definitely one of the bugs that will take a lot of time to fix.

Even though it’s not yet clear whether it’s a software or a hardware problem, Michael Enriquez posted more information on the Microsoft Answers forum, saying that the issue appears every once in a while.

The screen flickering bug can be triggered even if there’s no physical contact and “the problem can be fixed by pressing the upper right hand button and making it sleep,” as Enriquez explained.

A complete refresh doesn’t solve the glitch, he added. Another user has already confirmed the problem and even though it may sound stupid, he said that hitting the screen sometimes fixes it. Of course, such a solution is not at all recommended, as it could seriously damage the device.

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