This Is What a Windows 8 Start Menu Should Look Like

Yet another concept imagines a Windows 8 Start Menu

Microsoft isn’t offering us a Start Menu in Windows 8, but the online community tries to make up for it with several design concepts.

This new Windows 8 Start Menu concept was created by DeviantArt user andreascy and imagines one of the best-looking designs for the utterly popular Windows feature.

Options are cleverly sorted in categories, using the same Windows 8-like GUI that defines the new Microsoft operating system.

Sadly, there are close to zero chances to see such a feature in Windows 8, as Microsoft has absolutely no intention to bring back the Start Menu.

Company CEO Steve Ballmer has previously hinted that no one actually needs a Start Menu since Windows 8 comes with much more than that. A Start Screen, that is. Unfortunately for Microsoft, this is also one of the most controversial Windows features ever released.

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