This Is What the Windows 9 Start Screen Could Look Like

Concept imagines the Start screen of the upcoming Windows 9 OS

Even though the release of Windows 8.1 Preview is imminent, some designers are already thinking about Windows 9, the next major operating system prepared by Microsoft for 2014.

While no details have been provided on Windows 9, a new concept having recently reached the web imagines what could be the Start screen of the upcoming full Windows release.

As you can see, this concept borrows some design cues from the Windows Phone platform, but adopts a much simpler and cleaner appearance.

Of course, the live tiles are there too, with the same pre-defined sizes brought by Windows 8.1 too. In addition, the current time, along with sound and battery level are placed in the top right corner, just like on Windows Phones.

Chances are that Microsoft would ignore this concept completely, but let us know what you think about it using the comment box after the jump.

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