This Is the Final Windows 8.1 Preview Start Screen

Microsoft is now rolling out the latest updates for the built-in Windows 8.1 apps

Microsoft will debut Windows 8.1 Preview in less than 10 days, so the company has started updating the Metro apps available in the leaked build to make sure that everything’s prepared for the big launch.

As a result, the photo you’re seeing here most likely shows what the Start screen is going to look like in Windows 8.1 Preview, as most of the apps are ready to hit the market.

Move Moments, the new Weather app, Alarms, News, Video, and Music will all receive several enhancements in the upcoming Windows release, including a brand new design to make them a bit more appealing to users.

More details, however, will be provided on June 26 when the public beta of the first major Windows 8 overhaul is set to be presented to developers attending the BUILD conference.

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