Three Top Windows 8 Games Go Free, Get Them While You Can

Miniclip makes three of its most popular Windows 8 titles available for free

We’ve already told you that Miniclip had released three popular Windows 8 games with a freeware license, but Microsoft has decided to promote all of them with a dedicated section in the Windows Store.

Gravity Guy, iStunt 2 and Monster Island, all offered with Xbox Live support, are now available at absolutely no cost on all Windows 8 versions, regardless of whether users are running the desktop or the tablet flavor of the operating system.

“Take advantage of this special offer and get these great Xbox games by Miniclip for free! Use gravity to escape troops that are chasing you in Gravity Guy, perform near-impossible stunts (and avoid deadly obstacles) as you take to the slopes on a snowboard in iStunt 2 and get rid of the thugs harassing the residents of Monster Island with the help of mini-monster bombs,” the section description reads.

These three games will be offered with a freeware license until Monday, so hurry up a little if you really want to get them at no cost.

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