Tobii REX Lets You Control Windows 8 with Your Eyes – Video

New eye-tracking tech allows you to make the most of Windows 8 without touching the PC

Windows 8 is often described as an operating system that’s more appropriate for tablets and devices featuring touchscreens, but a new technology developed by Tobii Technology lets you make the most of the new Microsoft OS without even touching the computer running it.

The eye-tracking tech is provided via Tobii REX, a brand new USB device that needs to be attached to the monitor in order to track eye motion.

Even though the gadget would allow users to swipe and move around the Metro interface, a mouse or a touchpad would still be needed, as some gestures are not implemented for the time being.

Tobii REX is yet to receive the green light for mass production, but 5,000 test units are scheduled to be released by year-end. Developers who wish to purchase the device would need to pay up to $995 (€755).

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