Top 2012 Election Searches Released by Microsoft

Here’s what people binged on Election Day, according to Microsoft

Barack Obama remains the president of the United States, but we all know that such a historical moment has a pretty strong impact on the WWW industry too.

Microsoft has decided to release the top overall election searches, revealing that “Barack Obama” was the second most used search query on its very own Bing search engine.

Of course, the number one search was “election results,” while “Mitt Romney” was not only Obama’s rival for the 2012 presidential race, but also the third most popular search on Bing.

“ComScore revealed that almost 32 million people visited Bing and MSN to say informed on Election Day, with over 308 million pages viewed,” Microsoft said.

Here are the top ten overall election searches, as they were provided by Microsoft:

1. Election results

2. Barack Obama

3. Mitt Romney

4. Electoral votes

5. Obama vs. Romney

6. Exit poll

7. Election coverage

8. Early voting results

9. Electoral college

10. Electoral map

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