Total Failure: Microsoft Sold Only 230,000 Surface Tablets, Says Analyst

The Surface RT has completely failed to excite, an expert claims

While Microsoft remains tight-lipped on Surface RT sales and refuses to provide official statistics to confirm whether the device is a successful product or not, analysts continue to criticize the tablet and point to a very disappointing sales performance.

After Barron’s said that Microsoft had managed to sell approximately 1 million Surface RT units since the October launch, Goldman Sachs analyst Heather Bellini claims that the device has completely failed to impress.

Bellini estimated that Microsoft had sold approximately 230,000 tablets, which means that the first tablet in the history of the Redmond-based technology giant is a complete failure.

Of course, the Surface Pro tablet that’ll hit the market on February 9 is regarded as a much more appealing product, so the Surface product range is very likely to record increased sales in the next few months.

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