Trade In Your Old Surface RT for a Brand New Surface Pro

Microsoft may allow Surface RT buyers to trade in their tablets

The Surface Pro will see daylight on February 9 and expectations are clearly high, mostly because this is the first Microsoft tablet that runs the full Windows 8 version and comes with support for desktop apps.

Since many people would like to trade in their Surface RT tablets for the new Surface Pro, Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch a special campaign that would allow users to do that by paying the difference in price between the two tablets. reports that two Microsoft stores have already confirmed this trade-in program, but the Redmond-based technology giant is yet to publicly announce it.

The Surface Pro will be available only in two different versions, with either 64 GB or 128 GB of storage space, while pricing will begin at $899 (€659). In case you own the top-of-the-range Surface RT, which is being sold for $699 (€513), you may have to pay a difference of approximately $200 (€146) to get a Surface Pro.

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