Tumblr Touch for Windows 8 Gets Updated, Free Download Released

A new version of the app is now available in the Store

Tumblr Touch is a Windows 8 application that gives you the power to control your Tumblr.com page without even leaving the Metro UI, providing users with a rich collection of features compatible with all versions of Microsoft’s new OS.

The app allows users to add new text, photos, quotes, and links to any blog, while also packing options to explore, like, reblog, and follow other bloggers on Tumblr.

“Tumblr Touch brings a convenient and enhanced experience of Tumblr.com to your Windows 8 device. You can keep your blog fresh with new posts as well as explore the huge network of blogs by other Tumblr members,” the app description reads.

Tumblr Touch is, obviously, offered with a freeware license and can be installed on both desktop computers and tablets running Windows RT.

Click here to view the Windows Store page of Tumblr Touch for Windows 8 in your browser.

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