Tumblr Touch for Windows 8 Updated, Free Download Available

A new version of the app is now available from the Windows Store

Tumblr Touch has just received a new pack of improvements, as the developers behind this project introduced several bug fixes and new options for Windows 8 users.

The app is already experiencing a great success on Windows 8, especially because an official Tumblr client is missing from the Store, so this new update should be downloaded by quite a lot of users.

The release notes published in the Store indicate that the new Tumblr Touch version brings an option to reblog photosets, as well as a new round of bug fixes supposed to make the app load faster on all Windows 8 builds.

As you may find out by simply reading the program’s name, the app is specifically aimed at touch-capable Windows 8 devices, but it’s also compatible with desktop computers running the x86 or the x64 version of Microsoft’s new OS.

Download the new version of Tumblr Touch for Windows 8 from Softpedia

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