TweetDeck 2.1 Improves Search and Lists

It adds keyboard shortcuts for basic actions: compose and send tweet

Twitter has announced the release of a new version for their client, TweetDeck. The fresh build, 2.1, is currently available for web, Google Chrome and Windows and introduces improvements regarding search as well as lists.

TweetDeck 2.1 adds full support for expanded tweets, which allows the display of photos and player cards in the details view for over 2,000 websites.

Keyboard shortcuts is another new feature and they can be used to open the compose window (N), to send a tweet (Ctrl+Enter) or to close compose or other windows (Esc). The developer aims at expanding this list with shortcuts for more actions.

The search box has been added new functionality, as it can be used to open up a list just by punching in the username followed by the name of the list (@username/listname).

Search columns can now be edited, thus allowing you to refine the searches without crowding the windows with new columns. A single search column can be edited as long as you want and the modifications occur in real time.

TweetDeck for Windows is available for download from this page.


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