Tweetium 2.1 for Windows 8.1 Released for Download

The Twitter client has received another update today

Tweetium continues to be a very popular Twitter client on both Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1, so updates are coming out on a regular basis, as the developing team wants to make sure that everyone is pleased with the app.

Version 2.1 was officially launched today, bringing news reading integration for pro users powered by Newseen, article previews, and in-line story reading, as well as several fixes for bugs found by consumers in previous builds.

At the same time, the new version fixes a timing condition which could sometimes prevent the app from using your latest TweetMarker position on app startup, while also forcing it to respect the disable retweets setting for individual users your follow.

The feature lineup of Tweetium stays basically unchanged, which means that it remains the same powerful Twitter client that you know, with options including color schemes, a customizable interface, photo upload support, and many other perks.

As you know, Tweetium is now available with a freeware license, but a trial version is also offered just in case you wish to give it a try before buying the full version.

Overall, version 2.1 is a must-have for all users, so download Tweetium for Windows 8.1 right now to see what it’s up to.

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