Tweetro Unofficial Twitter Client for Windows 8 Coming This Week

A paid version of the app is very likely to see daylight in a few days

While all Windows 8 adopters are still waiting for an official Twitter app for Microsoft’s new OS, Tweetro developers have just announced that a paid version of their software had been submitted to Microsoft for certification.

Tweetro was initially one of the most popular apps on Windows 8, but the software has quickly become victim of its own success.

Twitter’s 100,000-user token limit has banned Tweetro from connecting to Twitter, so developers had no other option than to pull their app from the Store.

A paid solution was the only way to go, so this new version of Tweetro is now days away from getting back in the Windows Store.

“Tweetro+ has been submitted to Microsoft for certification! Hopefully not much longer to wait,” Tweetro developers said via their Twitter account.

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