US Windows Computers Among the Most Vulnerable in the World

Microsoft study reveals that 26 percent of US computers are unprotected

Microsoft rolled out the Security Intelligence Report Volume 14 today to reveal that Windows computers in the United States are among the most vulnerable in the entire world, as local users don’t seem to care too much about anti-malware software solutions.

According to data included in the report, 40 percent of the computers in Egypt are unprotected at this moment, while India comes second with approximately 30 percent.

Russia, the United States, and South Africa come next with 29 percent, 26 percent, and 24 percent, respectively, with Microsoft recommending users to make the move to Windows 8, as it packs anti-malware protection by default.

As you may know, Windows 8 is equipped with Windows Defender, a full-featured security product that can't be removed from the operating system, but only disabled whenever a user installed a third-party product.

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