Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Can Also Run on Windows 8 PCs

One more Linux distribution can deal with Secure Boot

Back in October when Microsoft rolled out the new Windows 8, the company also introduced a new technology called Secure Boot that could block the deployment of other operating systems on computers shipped with the new Windows contraption.

The Linux Foundation recently released its own Secure Boot System to get past Windows 8’s Secure Boot and thus allow users to deploy Linux distributions on these computers, but Fedora 18 was basically the only choice in this regard.

Now Ubuntu 12.04 Long Term Support (LTS) can also run on Windows 8 computers, even though Secure Boot workarounds have been around since the 12.04.2 build.

While Microsoft doesn’t talk too much about its Secure Boot system, this isn’t quite good news for the company, as Windows 8 is still struggling to cope with an avalanche of criticism because of the UI changes it brings.

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