UltimateDefrag 4 RC1 to Launch on April 1

Accelerates programs based on their name, adds "Novice Mode"

Disktrix plans to launch the first release candidate for version 4 of their UltimateDefrag on April 1, and it does not look like a hoax. The same interface is available, but the functionality of the application has been expanded.

The new build recognizes all programs installed on your computer and allows you to select which ones should be accelerated by moving their files to the fastest areas of the hard disk during defragmentation.

For those deeming the options a tad complicated, there is now a Novice Mode, which can be activated to automatically run the optimization procedures, based on your own personal file usage patterns. For finer tuning there is the Expert Mode, which allows plenty of customization (photo gallery below).

Defrag simulation feature can now estimate the performance increase expected from running the optimization procedure. This can be helpful if you want to preview the performance impact for a specific configuration.

Download UltimateDefrag 3.0


UltimateDefrag 4 (4 Images)

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