Unofficial Google Play Music App for Windows 8 Available for Download

The gMusic app is now available in the Store at no cost

Even though Google has confirmed that it didn’t want to release other Windows 8 applications, unofficial clients for its services keep coming, including one that allows adopters of Microsoft’s new OS to access Google Play Music.

The so-called gMusic app enables users to stream songs from Google Play Music, create, edit and delete playlists, rate and search for songs. In addition, the program comes with multimedia key support and provides background songs streaming options to keep music playing in the background.

Even though it’s available for free, developers have created two different packages for those who remove advertisements and receive additional modules that may be released in the future at no cost.

Of course, the app can be used on all Windows versions, including x86, x64 and ARM, and requires a Google Play Music account to access the service.

Click here to view the gMusic product page in your browser.

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