Users Are Wrong, the Start Screen Is Better than the Start Menu, Says Microsoftie

Microsoft employee praises the new feature available in Windows 8

Even though Windows 8 officially went on sale approximately three months ago, its Start Screen remains one of the most controversial features in Microsoft’s history, with plenty of users criticizing the company for its decision to remove the Start button.

But a Microsoft employee says that users need time to adapt to Windows 8, while emphasizing that the Start Screen is much better than the tradition Start Menu available since Windows 95.

“There are a number of under the hood changes - lower memory consumption, faster boot times, faster resume, Defender is now built-in. WinRT apps are going to be fluid and beautiful for consumption and I think the start screen in Win8 is more productive that the start menu,” he said in an IAmA session on Reddit.

CEO Steve Ballmer revealed in an interview that Microsoft had no intention to bring back the Start button and according to the latest rumors, the upcoming Windows version dubbed “Blue” is very likely to come with the same Start Screen.

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