Users Don’t Feel the Need to Upgrade After Windows 7, Analyst Believes

This could be one of the reasons for Windows 8’s poor sales performance

The lack of a Start button and the other UI changes in Windows 8 are considered some of the main reasons why Microsoft’s operating system is yet to excite, but an analyst has just found another possible explanation.

Marie-Christine Pygott, senior analyst at Context, says that some UK businesses don’t feel the need to upgrade to Windows 8 after they installed Windows 7, so Microsoft’s operating system may still have to wait before taking off.

“The general feedback we got from the enterprise space is that the upgrade cycle has just finished and there is just not the need to upgrade like there was with Windows 7. After Vista, [businesses] were waiting for a new OS and were keen to get going, but this is just not the case with Windows 8. [Windows 8] will find its way into the business space, but we think it will take time,” Pygott said.

By December 2012, Windows 8 represented only 10 percent of all Windows sales, while Windows 7 accounted for 33 percent during the same timeframe.

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