VLC Media Player 8 Banned on Windows 8

This wasn’t the official VLC for Windows 8 application

VideoLAN is currently working on a new project to port its famous VLC Media Player to Windows 8, with the first release scheduled to go live by March 2013.

While everyone’s waiting for the official app, a so-called VLC Media Player 8 has been approved for Windows Store, so it may trick people into believing that they’re downloading the software solution developed by VideoLAN.

The app is, however, a fake, even though it promises to play “most of the latest formats of video as well as audio files.”

It’s developed by someone named Senthilkumar Thangavelu and comes with a price tag of $2.99 (€2.26), which is probably the first indication that it isn’t the official VLC app, as VideoLAN offers its product at absolutely no cost.

Even though the app is no longer available in the Windows Store, it still shows up on search engines, so here’s its official product page.

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