VLC UI Mockups for Windows RT Surfaced

Kickstarter funding is less than 9,000 GBP ($14,624/€11,064) from reaching goal

As the Kickstarter project for funding the development of VLC for Windows 8 picks up steam, the VLC team presents a couple of fresh mockups for the interface of the application.

Although these are not exactly new in terms of layout and looks, the novelty consists in the fact that they are presented on Surface devices running Windows RT.

As such, users can see what VLC would actually look like on Microsoft’s tablet. In the previous renderings, the team used an Android device for displaying the new design for the user interface.

At the moment the project passed the 80% fundraising mark, being less than £ 9,000 ($ 14,624/ € 11,064) from the £ 40,000 ($64,992 / € 49,176) necessary to turn the project into reality.

Depending on the amount they shell out for the project, pledgers are rewarded by at least having their name in the list of the sponsors, within the application. But VLC cone keyholders, t-shirts, contributor mugs and hoodies are also on the list.

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