VLC for Windows 8.1 Gets Audio Output, to Launch Soon

Work on the official VLC port for Windows 8.1 continues

VideoLAN continues work on the official VLC port for Windows 8 and even though the application was initially expected to launch in early 2013, the developing team says that it’s making serious progress right now.

In a short tweet posted a few minutes ago, the VideoLAN developers revealed that VLC for Windows 8 now has audio output, which means that the team has actually managed to deal with one of the issues that blocked the app from reaching the Windows Store.

What’s more, VLC for Windows 8 has already passed the Windows App Certification Kit test with flying colors earlier this year, which means that the app should launch whenever work is completed.

Of course, there are no details as to when the VLC port for Windows 8 could see daylight, but given the fact that everyone is working really hard to make it happen, expect the launch to take place in the coming months.

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