VLC for Windows 8 Metro Is Almost Here

A VideoLAN developer indicated that the app may be released very soon

We’ve already told you that the official VLC for Windows 8 player is very likely to be released soon, but Felix Paul Kuhne, one of the VideoLAN developers involved in the project, decided to tease us once again with a quick announcement.

Kuhne said in a short tweet that porting VLC multimedia player to Windows 8 works just as planned, so the team is now focused on modifying the app to comply with the Windows Store requirements.

“The team is doing great progress on adding Windows Store compatibility. You’ll hear from us, soon!” he said.

A beta version of VLC for Windows 8 is reportedly planned to be released to Kickstarter backers as soon as this week, so a public release of the application should most likely see daylight in just a couple of months.

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