VLC for Windows 8 Is Almost Here, Passes 90% on Fundraiser

Developers have almost raised the money to start the project

The VLC for Windows 8 Kickstarter fundraiser is going on very well, with one of the developers announcing on Twitter that the 90 percent milestone has finally been reached.

With only 7 days to go until the required £40,000 (€49,200 / $64,900) are pledged, VLC for Windows 8 is becoming more of a certainty, especially because Microsoft has already promised to offer technical assistance to make the app comply with Windows Store requirements.

VLC developers said that the first iteration of the Metro multimedia player could be released three months after the funds have been raised, so expect VLC for Windows 8 to land in March.

The app will also provide support for Windows RT, which means that Surface RT owners and those who have purchased another tablet using Microsoft’s new operating system will also be able to install it.

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