Vimeo for Windows 8 Released for Download

The official Vimeo app is now available in the Store

Vimeo has just launched its official Windows 8 application, allowing users to view clips or upload their very own movies to this popular video sharing platform with just a few clicks.

Just like any other “Modern” app, it runs in full screen and can be launched from the Start Screen via its dedicated live tile.

The interesting thing is that Vimeo actually rolled out several apps for different PC manufacturers, including Dell and HP.

In case you’re currently using an HP Windows 8 computer, for example, you’re recommended to install the dedicated Vimeo app, although it’s not yet clear if there are any differences between such a version and the standard build.

The app is available for free and also comes with support for ARM-based devices, so you can install it on your Surface RT too.

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