Watch All Built-in Windows 8.1 Metro Apps in Action – Video

Microsoft has updated Windows 8.1’s apps in preparation for the big launch next week

Microsoft has released updates for the built-in Windows 8.1 apps, trying to prepare the Preview version of the operating system for the official launch set to take place next week.

A clip posted online by YouTube user bavogames shows each of the recently-updated Metro apps in action, so we have the chance to notice the UI improvements and some of the new features.

As I’ve reported a couple of days ago, the Windows Store is now up and running on all leaked builds of Windows 8.1, so users are allowed to download and install apps just like they do it on a Windows 8 machine.

As usual, all the apps you’re seeing in this new clip are automatically updated via the integrated Windows Store, but keep in mind that in this new Windows release, Microsoft makes app updating a fully automated process, so you no longer have to do it manually.

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