Watch: Bill Gates and Friends Invite Users to Code

Tech leaders warn that schools should focus a lot more on computer programming

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is one of the tech leaders starring in a new video published on YouTube that invites users to learn computer programming, while also warning that schools don’t focus on this particular area enough these days.

Together with Mark Zuckerberg, Gabe Newell,, Jack Dorsey, and many others, Bill Gates tries to explain viewers that coding isn’t such a difficult job as many would be tempted to believe and just like all the other “superpowers,” it has quite a lot of benefits.

Seeing Gates involved in such a project isn’t at all surprising, especially because Microsoft needs more developers to create apps for the company’s newly released Windows 8 platform.

The Redmond-based technology giant has even organized coding marathons in several locations around the world to bring developers together in order to create Windows 8 apps, again trying to encourage them to embrace the new platform.

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