Watch: Bruce Willis and Bradley Cooper Talk Email in New Microsoft Video

The Redmondians continue to promote their new email service

Chances are that you’ve already heard about Microsoft’s final version of that got to see daylight a few days ago, so you’re probably already familiar with the company’s attempts to make its email platform the number one on the web.

Well, the Redmondians have tried to make the most of the recent Film Independent Spirit Awards by interviewing celebrities about the way they work with emails.

Bruce Willis, Bradley Cooper, Andy Samberg and many others are talking about the way they manage their inboxes, in an attempt to show everyone that provides more control over their emails.

In the meantime, Microsoft continues its advertising push for the new, rolling out new advertisements and attacking Google’s very own Gmail on a regular basis.

Microsoft claims that Google violates users’ privacy, as Gmail looks into their emails to display ads, so it uses this opportunity to encourage everyone to migrate to the new

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