Watch: Microsoft Launches a Brand New Internet Explorer Ad

The company has just released a new IE commercial on the web

Microsoft has just unveiled the final version of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7, so the company can now continue the marketing strategy for its in-house browser.

A new commercial has been released as well, but even if all eyes are on the newly debuted IE10 for Windows 7, Microsoft is promoting the touch version of the browser running on a Windows 8 device.

The ad features singer, song writer and composer Blake Lewis, so the company has once again chosen a great soundtrack for its ad.

“The site you see Blake interacting with in the spot is also live today at The Explore Touch website provides the individual music components of Blake's track – vocals, strings, bass and other elements – in an interactive touch player that you can use to mix, explore and experiment with via multi-touch on IE10,” Microsoft said.

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