Watch: Microsoft’s Windows 8 Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake Windows 8 Style at Sheffield University Edition

Harlem Shake, the newest Internet craze, has reached the Redmond campus as well, so the software titan hasn’t missed the occasion to promote its new Windows 8 operating system.

The video was filmed at the Sheffield University and, even if you can barely call it a Windows 8 advertising attempt, Microsoft dubs it “Harlem Shake Windows 8” and probably expects it to become some sort of viral.

What’s more interesting is that the clip was recorded with a Microsoft Surface tablet, but it’s not yet clear whether it was an RT or a Pro, the device that went on sale last week.

Either way, it’s actually nice to see so many large companies adapting their marketing efforts to the latest Internet trends, even though in most cases they’re all done with advertising purposes in mind.

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