Watch: Surface with Windows 8 Pro Running Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion

Microsoft’s new tablet can also run other operating systems beside Windows 8

Just like any other computer running the full version of Windows 8 Pro, the Surface Pro can also get along with some other operating systems, including Linux distributions and Apple’s very own OS X.

And the video we have here is the living proof that deploying Mountain Lion on a Surface Pro is actually possible, even though we can’t guarantee that this isn’t a remote desktop connection to an iMac running in full screen.

The uploader, however, did mention on the YouTube video page that the Wi-Fi driver didn’t seem to work in OS X, so this could actually be an indication that the clip isn’t a fake one.

In the end, running any other operating system on a Surface Pro is really possible, as the Surface Team confirmed in an AMA session last week. Basically, all you have to do is to enter the BIOS and disable Secure Boot, the only option that could block the deployment of other systems.

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