Watch: Swipe Navigation in Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft has made it easier to navigate back and forward using swipe gestures

Internet Explorer 11 is set to become the default browser in Windows 8.1, so Microsoft has greatly improved the application, adding better touch support plus a faster and more secure engine.

As far as browsing is concerned, the tech giant promises that IE11 is the perfect browser for touch, offering a very simple way of navigating back and forward using swipe gestures.

“Internet Explorer 11 makes the experience faster and more fluid on all devices while preserving memory efficiency and battery life,” the company explains.

“To accomplish this, Internet Explorer 11 suspends and caches the previous page to memory when navigating between pages. When you swipe back to the previous page, the page resumes from memory. The result is the previous page is loaded almost instantly when you swipe back.”

At the same time, whenever you use the back and forward buttons you get to see a screenshot of the page that’s loading, “to quickly find the site you are looking for as you go back.”

Internet Explorer 11 is currently available in testing stage in Windows 8.1 Preview, but the full version is expected to hit the market together with Windows 8.1 RTM in the coming weeks.

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