Watch: The Newest Microsoft Bing Features in Action

The company demonstrates the latest tools of the Bing search engine

Bing is quickly gaining more users, proving Microsoft that all its anti-Google efforts are worth every cent. The company continues not only to attack its Mountain View-based rival (even though it rarely does it these days) but, at the same time, it also brags about its very own search service.

Lawrence Ripsher, a member of the Program Manager & Design team at Bing, demonstrates some of the latest Bing features in a new YouTube clip, thus trying to show everyone that Microsoft’s search engine brings several advantages over Google.

The Snapshot feature is indeed a very helpful option and so is the Facebook integration, especially for those who find social networking a priority.

Microsoft promises to continue work on Bing, so have a look at this clip and make sure you drop a line about it in the comment box below.

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