Watch a Brand New Windows 8 Commercial

Microsoft rolls out a new video to promote its latest operating system

Microsoft claims that Windows 8 is selling very well right now, so the company continues its marketing blitz for the operating system that went live on October 26, 2012.

The Redmond-based technology giant has recently released a brand new Windows 8 commercial that brings a bunch of devices capable of running the new OS in the spotlight, including tablets belonging to Lenovo and Asus.

And even though there are plenty of ads out there that demonstrate Windows 8 features, it remains a very controversial product, with many users criticizing Microsoft for its decision to implement major UI changes and to remove the traditional Start button.

The software giant, on the other hand, said it had managed to sell a total of 60 million Windows 8 copies in just two months, while third-party data confirm that the new OS is quickly increasing its market share.

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