Watch a Dangerously Funny Commercial for Internet Explorer “Honest Edition”

Internet Explorer jokes continue, even if Microsoft already fixed the critical bugs

Microsoft has already fixed the critical bugs it found in Internet Explorer a few weeks ago, but the online world continues to poke fun at what remains one of the most popular browsers on the Internet.

A video created by the guys over at WorldwideInterweb tries to bring Internet Explorer’s most annoying glitches right back in the spotlight, and tech-savvy users definitely had to cope with at least one of them since the debut of Windows 95.

Truth is, some of the problems shown in the clip don’t seem to exist anymore, at least not in the latest version of Internet Explorer, but that’s only because the built-in Windows 8 iteration is only available for beta testing.

Nevertheless, watch the clip above and if you feel like sharing something with the other readers, use the comment box after the jump.

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