Watch a Funny Parody for Microsoft’s IE 90s Ad

It doesn’t really matter if you’re an IE fan or not, this is clearly worth a look at

Microsoft sure has the right man to create Internet Explorer ads, as most of the videos rolled out lately promote the company’s in-house browser in a way never seen before in the Redmond campus.

Leaving the product they’re trying to promote aside, as opinions are still mixed on whether Internet Explorer is or is not a good browser, the ads are definitely worth taking a look at, regardless of whether you’re currently using Microsoft’s browser, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

And just like Neowin noted, the guys over at BoldChoiceOnline have used the recently released “Child of the 90s” Internet Explorer ad to create a parody that’s based on the same nostalgic moments we’ve all experienced approximately 20 years ago.

So watch the video above and let us know what you think you think using the comment box after the jump. In addition, check out the original Internet Explorer ad here.

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