Watch a Professional Skateboarder “Playing” with the Microsoft Surface

Microsoft turns to skateboarder to promote its tablet

Microsoft will soon launch the Surface Pro in some new markets, so the company has every reason in the world to continue its aggressive marketing campaign for the tablet.

The Softies have now turned to a professional skateboarder to prove everyone that the Surface tablet can basically fit the needs of all user categories out there, no matter their daily activities.

Arian Chamasmany is both a professional skateboarder and journalist, so the Surface allows him to keep his readers up to date wherever he goes. At least, this is the message of this video.

“Arian is a professional skateboarder and journalist. He feels that he is able to amplify a stronger more creative message when he can write on the go, so everything is fresh and in the moment,” the clip description posted on YouTube reads.

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