We Found Gold in Windows 8 – Software Developer

Extended Results says its software is doing great on Windows 8

Extended Results is a company that’s extremely satisfied with the success recorded by its PushBI app on the Windows 8 platform.

According to a new post on its blog, Extended Results has recorded more than 7,600 downloads since launch, “which isn’t too bad for an enterprise business application,” as the company explains.

“We have added an extra download an hour since the first update 5 weeks ago and we get 35 to 50 new leads a week,” the blog reads.

PushBI is a Windows 8 software solution that provides businesses with a quick way to access figures and statistics without leaving the Modern interface. The app supports both desktops and tablets and is delivered with a freeware license.

Click here to view the PushBI Windows Store product page in your browser.

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