What a BSOD Would Look like on Microsoft’s Windows-Powered Smart Watch

Redmond is believed to be developing its very own smart watch

As part of its transition to devices and services, Microsoft is said to be working on new hardware products, including an innovative smart watch that would be running Windows.

While browsing the web today, I’ve came across this picture that perfectly describes the first thing that comes into one’s mind when hearing about a Windows-powered smart watch.

While the BSOD is clearly a thing to avoid on such a device, it’s still a good thing that designers who decided to include a CTRL + ALT + Del key combo to quickly reboot the dying watch.

On a more serious note, Microsoft is said to be already testing some concepts, which means that a potential launch of the smart watch could take place this year. Preliminary specs pointed to a 1.5-inch screen, Windows, and synchronization features with Windows Phone and Windows 8.1.

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